adoption:  i began this blog as a place to tell our adoption story.  before we had barely put our family toe into the current, i sensed God was at work writing something big.  we never imagined how big.  we never imagined bella.  we never imagined the blessings.  in the summer of 2009 we began our hot pursuit of a tiny girl half a world away:  zhang, xue zhu.  an abandoned baby of china with an incredibly sick heart, but an incredibly big God.  exactly one year later, we brought her home.  the first part of this blog tells the story.  her story.  God's story.  there are twists and turns and even times when you'll think, "no...surely not." we certainly did.  many times we thought, "how can this be?" but it was. and it came to be. and we cannot imagine it any other way. bella is home.

if you should feel God's leading in your own life...listen. listen and look.  and then allow yourself to linger with the wonderful what if.  what if you got the chance to bring home a child?  just imagine.  i know you almost can't.  it seems so big. it is so big...
listen.  look.  linger.  God will lead.


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Hi Jody! We have just recently embarked on the adventure of adoption- a little over halfway through with our home study. We'll be doing ours domestically, as we used to work with the other end of things...helping girls who felt trapped but didn't see adoption as an option. We're so excited to taste the Gospel in it all!