Tuesday, March 16, 2010

made in china

"made in china," connor read out loud from the backseat.  he had just torn open his dollar store gun and handcuff set. "mom, everything seems to be made in china, doesn't it?" 
"yes buddy," i replied.  "it sure does."
"i kind of like that mom. you know why, mom?"
"no connor, why?"  i asked a little hesitantly.  for a kid who just turned 7 he comes up with some pretty out-of-the-box stuff every now and then, so i could only imagine where he was taking this conversation. of course he didn't disappoint me.
"i like that because every time i read it i think of baby zuzu. and i sure do read that a  whole lot."
i did my best to continue driving as the tears crept to the corners of my eyes. 
"yes, connor, i like that a lot too. i had never thought about it, but your right that is good." 
"yep, it reminds me of her because she's made in china too!" he said cheerfully and with a self-approving chuckle. "and just like all of these things we have that come from china, she'll be here soon."

a plastic, dollar store, gun set.  a toy i somehow got talked into.  a purchase really quite unnecessary. an item which surely will be broken or misplaced within hours.
...but today a conversation which an anxiously waiting mom really needed.