Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 day prayer challenge : prayer words for october!

i just LOVE that so many of you are joining me in this prayer challenge. i'm absolutely over the moon knowing there's this sweep of parents (and grandparents) PRAYING each morning, every day, joining purposefully together for our children -- God's children. it's been such a blessing to me already this week to know we are united for God's Kingdom purpose.

so, here's the deal ---
i was only going to use my even-the-sparrow facebook page to update the daily prayer prompts, but many of you have written that you have avoided facebook ("like the plague," and i quote) ... so, i'm going to make it easier for you to follow along if you don't desire to come over to the dark side of facebook. (smile).

i will use this post -- yes, this same post -- right here -- on this very page -- to post each day's word and scripture. i've already included the first three days below. and i can easily update as we go.

i'm happy to provide an easy fix to unite us in our month of praying for our precious children!

if you somehow found yourself here and don't know what this prayer challenge is ... first of all, WELCOME! second of all, you need to know, so... click HERE and it will direct you to my original post from last week which explains it better.

Lord, thank you for leading in this challenge ... and thank you for pricking the hearts of parents across this land. we love our kids, but we know that you love them MORE. so we pray MORE for them ... MORE blessing, MORE purposefully, MORE often. Your Will Jesus, not ours in the lives of these gifts you've entrusted to us. Your Will Jesus. we surrender them this month, and always, to the Father who knows MORE than even us, mothers and fathers, what these kids need to be drawn closer to life with You. a-men.

october prayer prompts:
 october 1 - HEART

october 2 - GRATITUDE

october 3 - CHARACTER

october 4 - GENTLENESS

october 5 - PEACE

october 6 - SELF CONTROL

october 7 - FRIENDSHIPS

october 8 - DREAMS

october 9 - HEALTH

october 10 - GENEROSITY

october 11 - PATIENCE

october 12 - ATTITUDE

october 13 - PURITY

october 14 - CONFIDENCE

october 15 - BOLDNESS

october 16 - WISDOM

october 17 - UNITY

october 18 - PERSEVERANCE

october 19 - JOY

october 20 - RIGHTEOUSNESS

october 21 - FUTURE

october 22 - COMPASSION

october 23 - TRUTH

october 24 - WILLINGNESS

october 25 - HUMILITY

october 26 - LOVE

october 27 - PRAYER

october 28 - PASSION

october 29 - REST

october 30 - CONTENTMENT

october 31 - EXCELLENCE


Simply LKJ said...

Thanks for posting them here as well Jody!!

Aus said...

I'm worn out just playing catch up with you - I'll try not to miss a day ever again! ;) OK - not true - I'll miss many - but my heart is in the right place!

Be happy to join you in prayer - it's something that's missing in our world today. Trivia question - when was the last time a President of the United States led the world in prayer?

One other thought - I don't recall if I've mentioned - I spent 7 years in the Franciscan Seminary "back in the day". Interesting that you chose Matt 11:29 for today, you are aware that on this the Feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, that this is one of the Scripture passages he used as a foundation of the Belief structure he wanted his brothers to follow? I'm just sayin...

hugs - great stuff -

aus and co.