Saturday, July 11, 2009

a corridor and a note

and so we began to know zhang xue zhu. 

our knowing started with only a picture. we dug deeper into her medical file.  we began to wrap ourselves around words, terms, conditions….they made no sense to my most, non-medically inclined mind. i had little comprehension of what i was reading, but i knew enough to know it was not good. 

still, i could get no further than her dark eyes and the story that rested there. stories: that is what i know. that is how i connect. it was all gibberish to me (a lot of it literally chinese-- obviously, jody) except for one small paragraph: xue zhu zhang had been left in a corridor with only a note pinned to her. she wore a yellow outfit and was wrapped in a black and white blanket.  from what we could tell, the note gave no other instruction or information other than her birthday.  her birthday: february 5th -- the same as our oldest daughter, emily.

so much of what i read seemed not good, except somehow it was.   it was.

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