Saturday, April 4, 2015

the day of in between

{april 4}
it's the day of in between.
the day not much mentioned.
yesterday, Christ crucified.
tomorrow, risen.
but today ... nothing.
the place where most of us sometimes live life.
the day of waiting to see what will happen.
the day of wondering what this all means.
the day of wishing we had more certainty.
the day with a giant stone rolled against a sealed tomb.
how many of us feel up against the stone and the tomb of the in between day?
how many of us believe Jesus will rise - Has Risen, indeed! - but live life as if He's still buried beneath rock?
we live waiting and wondering.
shackled and scared.
anxious and impotent.
friday is over and sunday is coming ... but so many of us -- yes, even us Christians -- we stay stuck and immobile in our saturday.
i know i'm guilty.
guilty of living like there's a large stone set between me and my Savior.
guilty of living like my Redeemer isn't risen, but still barricaded behind a boulder.
frustrated with God's silence.
wanting results, answers, evidence.
i'm confessing these in-between-places of my heart.
clinging to yesterday's cross and hoping in tomorrow empty tomb.
but confessing, that often my life looks like i'm lost and only somewhere in between.
Lord, thank you for using this saturday to show me the insecure tendencies of my living. let these in-between-days not be wasted, but welcomed. use this day of nothing-much to show something-much of your power in and over even the grave.
remind us that you, our Redeemer, never rested behind rock, but you, Jesus, are The Rock. ~ amen.
"the Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom i take refuge ..." ~ psalm 18:2

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