Tuesday, April 14, 2015

like silver

{april 11}
refined: i'll be honest, that word scares me.
i mean i WANT the refinement --- the silver.
but i don't necessarily want the process:
the testing, the trying, the furnace of affliction.
who does?
and yet, this april, as i'm trying to search God's word
for the new things He wants to show me, the new things
He wants to give me, the new things He wants to make in me ...
i know -- I KNOW -- refinement is a part of the deal.
silver and gold come from the high heat of His grace.
maybe you know exactly what i'm writing about.
you have been living awhile in the hot testing places of life.
be encouraged! God will use this.
and even though it feels like plain old sweat, He has this way of making it sweet.
precious. pure. silver.
it might be hard to see now.
in fact, i know it is.
but trust Him.
even in this heat,
trust His heart.

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