Saturday, April 25, 2015

planted by water

{april 20}
it's like an explosion of green in the south right now.
i'm telling you -- this level of lush -- it's astounding.
everything well-watered and growing like gangbusters.
i love it.
i love these vibrant seasons of intense soaking.
i love them in my landscape and ...
guess what -- i love them in my life.
but, like any good southern girl, i know what's coming.
i've experienced enough georgia julys.
i know the scorch of summer.
i've lived the total absence of rain.
the drought.
the dry.
the blaze.
the bake.
the heat.
i have learned {am learning} that the only way to
avoid withering up in hot times is to plant by His waters and
have my roots near His streams.
there. is. no. other. way. to survive.
jeremiah tells us that when we do this we will:
1. not fear when the heat comes
2. not be anxious in the drought
3. continue to bear fruit
so, the question for me is this:
am i planted in the desires of my own dusty ways?
or am i planted in the direction of His deep waters?
let this beautiful april morning be a reminder to root ourselves in the only real source of our salvation -- Him.

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