Thursday, April 9, 2015

grains of sand

{april 9}
i love absolutely everything about the beach ---
EXCEPT how the sand gets everywhere.
i mean it: ev-er-y-wh-ere.
because of these 7 days at the beach we will find sand in our hair and in our bags and in our car for the next 7 months.
(but seriously, not complaining).
so, bella has been memorizing psalm 139 (verses 1-18) this year. she just finished learning these final two verses 17 and 18 this week -- right here at the beach.
i was kinda stressed about getting her to wrap up her school memory work. we were a little behind (sigh).
but how cool that we could wiggle our toes in this white sugar sand and work on these final two verses. how awesome to stand on this massive stretch of gulf coast and see how big is our Jesus.
"if i were to count your precious thoughts Jesus, they are more than the sand!"
i love this.
i love that Jesus speaks to us through illustrations we can easily get -- even 1st graders!
grains of sand -- impossible to control or count or consider the number. "how vast is the sum!"
Jesus, we cannot know all your thoughts, YET you allow us to know YOU.

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