Friday, June 25, 2010


it is not everyday we find a brightly wrapped gift on our front porch.  but this evening in the middle of watering  plants along the front walk (pretty much a lost cause in atlanta's heat) i looked up and spotted a package. bringing the box inside,  i opened the attached card while the two younger kids, in christmas morning fashion, tore into the wrapping.  as i was lost in the words of the note, i heard connor's voice read aloud, "elec-tron-ic rice coo-ker...WE GOT AN ELECTRONIC RICE COOKER!"   it sort of reminded me of the scene from a christmas story movie when the leg lamp arrives.  such excitement.  such thrill.  such delight over a package.  it didn't matter that a rice cooker wasn't at the top of the kids' wish list...we got one! ... and it came wrapped and it was at our door and we were surprised and presents are good!  and there it was sitting on our kitchen counter...our very own electronic rice cooker! we were all smiling and nodding and admiring it.  but it was the note... it was the note attached that elevated this gift from a nice surprise to a priceless treasure.

           Dear Bella Grace,  It's time for you to come home!  There is a wonderful family awaiting your arrival with anticipation and joy.  You will just love them. They have been preparing a place for you. This family loves you -- just because you are you!  The Lord has given this family a love for you because He values you and has ordained your life to bring Him glory before the creation of the world.   This Lord will provide for all your needs, Bella, for He is the Bread of Life.  Just as rice nourishes your little body, He and He alone will nourish your soul into eternity.  There's a whole family/community behind this beautiful family also anticipating meeting you, encouraging you and watching you grow.  Be blessed little one!  With Love from ~ The Michael Family
       "For the bread of God is He who comes down from heaven
       and gives life to the world....
      I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry
      and he who believes in me will never be thirsty."  ~   John 6: 33-25 

i've seen bottle warming devices and diaper genies given with the addition of a new child, but never a rice cooker.  i love that.  i absolutely love that one of bella's first gifts is this rice cooker.  priscilla's beautiful note says it all.   it is the perfect gift.   i also love the complete practicality of it.  whereas emily and i have been snatching up cute clothing with wild fashion abandon....filling bella's waiting closet and drawers with the latest must haves, i haven't thought much about my cooking methodology for a child coming from china. i mean we weren't going to start her right away on chic-fil-a...but i am pretty certain at some point she will have her first waffle fry and nugget while riding in the backseat to some older sibling's game or lesson or appointment. my sweet friend priscilla, however, has filled in this gap.  God amazes us with the way He continually uses our friends to be His Body and His Hands to our family.  long before hillary ever started talking about villages and children...God had it all figured out.  He knows what it takes.  He has always known what it takes to raise babies, adopt children and expand families.  He has it covered. completely.  the beauty of this completeness never, never ceases to amaze me.  i bet you didn't know a rice cooker could be associated with such rich symbolism.  but...this one, THIS rice cooker, THIS electronic rice cooker sitting on our counter IS.  and even on the days when the rice is sticky or burned (hoping this will help my rice cooking) i will remember this gift of nourishment and this continual and beautiful gift of community. 


Aus said...

WOW!! Our first adoption was from Korea - and across the street lived a blended family - the bride and her family native from Korea - the husband from the US. Prior to the arrival of our oldest adopted daughter they too gifted us with a rice cooker!! They didn't have the cool note that yours did (which is so VERY COOL - such a Blessing to be surrounded with people of the Faith and have they're support!) but they had been invaluable in helping us translate many of the background documents for our daughter - and wanted us to be prepared to give her some 'comfort' after we arrived home!

Oh how happy we are for you - and what joy to see God's hand in everyday life!

hugs - aus and co.

Gail said...

Completely and totally precious. What an incredible reminder of God's unspeakable love for us!