Tuesday, June 1, 2010

connor's list

it was just a normal, busy day.  i was in the yard planting flowers when connor walked out of the house with this list in hand.  he wouldn't let me read it, but insisted that he read it to me.  he is 7 and just at the end of first grade.  his penmanship and spelling aren't perfect.  but this list had nothing to do with academics.  this list was an outpouring of his heart.  it made me laugh.  it made me cry.  it was completely from his perspective.  i had never once thought about bella and jello....or bella on jet skis.  but these were the things connor thought of...this is a little part of the way he is already connected to her. i don't know how exactly all that happens.  i can't explain how our family already has this deep connection to a child we haven't seen.  it's a God thing.  that's it.  there's absolutey no other possibility.  it's a God thing...and it's very much a good thing. 
....and i can't wait to watch connor introduce his new baby sister to mac and cheese and "gumyse." 

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andrea said...

Awww that is beautiful...what a special little boy he is.