Thursday, February 7, 2013

a bella-rina birthday: tutu cute!

honestly, i had no idea it was national tutu day.  somehow i stumbled into that perfect coincidence this past saturday.  i'd like to tell you i planned it. i'd like to claim that i schemed and organized and adjusted all for the perfect party package,  but i'd be lying.  i didn't.  i chose the date for bella's ballerina birthday party because it was the weekend which worked best for our family.  february 2nd, 2013...or 2-2-13...national tutu day.  get it?  and, come on now, isn't that the cutest thing ever?  i didn't even know it existed until i posted some pictures of bella's party and some friends made a comment on facebook.  they were impressed with my managing to make that all happen.  well, the day was magical, but the fact that we had her ballet birthday on national tutu day was just dumb luck.  (i, by the way, take any luck that comes my way...dumb, brilliant or otherwise).

that said...i just HAVE to share with y'all a few pictures from this precious party. because national tutu day or not, the day was just tutu sweet.  i am pretty sure i was more excited than the birthday ballerina.  this party allowed me to really channel my inner girly-girl -- oh, and do i ever have one!  i wouldn't be caught dead in a tutu today, but i had so much fun making the tutus and creating the pink and tulle explosion.  as my older kids saw things come together last week they made comments like, "wow, mom... you're really into this, aren't you?" that's their way of saying, "mom, you've kind of gone off the deep end."  what can i was the first week of february in minnesota and it wasn't like i was going to be busy gardening or taking leisurely walks around the lake.  i sat fireside last week and made tutus.  ten of them, in fact. and it was thrilling.  (yes, yes it was).

so we had a ballet party to celebrate bella turning 5! and though i couldn't invite y'all, my TU-TU TALENTED friend, diana, took a zillion pictures.  i am including a few.  well, actually, i am including a lot.  but seriously, i could probably post 200.   her work is incredible and i hope you enjoy the beautiful result!

and the little ballerina crashed when her party guests said goodbye did her mommy!


DiJo said...

May this just be the beginning of celebrating National Tutu Day!!!! It was perfect. Thank you for letting me share in the precious tutu-ness!!


Aus said...

Morning Jody - I'm just laughing - your kids are spot on!! Maybe a tad "over the top" but still extremely cool and loads of fun there (and better then lighting a fire under a closed flue!!)

Never heard of national Tutu day - but I get it - with the same perspective as I understand that Oxygen and Potassium are pretty close and I'm OK with that - until I found out that Oxygen and Magnesium were starting to hang out together and I was like OMg!!

Love this stuff - hugs -

aus and co.

Holly said...

So beautiful Jody. Thank you very much for your love to Bella. Thanks for your big heart!! Bella's birth mother made the best decison to give her a chance at life. Two amazing mothers :) Happy Birthday again to the cutest little tutu girl ever!!

Angie said...

What I a beautiful party! Looks as if everyone have a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing, I enjoying following along!! May God bless you and your sweet family!

Jennifer said...

A ballerina's dream birthday! And Diana's photos are gorgeous, as always. Thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

Hey Diana. Love the party. Did you make the cake yourself. If so would love pointers on how to create the frosting effect.

jodymcnatt said...

hey ashley -- this is jody -- i found the picture on pinterest and took it to my local pastry chef (at byerlys)...she did an amazing job! it was all buttercream frosting...triple layer. and sooo delicious.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your precious and beautiful daughter! What lovely images your friend captured to treasure forever!