Tuesday, January 29, 2013

minnows and tutus

my last post was about boys and ice fishing.  power augers and adventure.

but this post is dedicated to little girls and dancing.  tutus and twirling.  

i love that life gives me both.  the boys.  the girls.  grand, messy adventures and soft glimpses of beauty.

i love that God, in His wisdom and grace and goodness,  has stretched me wide between oohing and awing over the the aerator my son hooked up in his bucket of minnows yesterday (bate)...and oohing and awing over the leap and spin of my little lass in her new tutu today. (compliments of grandma)!

i have to admit, sometimes i feel overwhelmed in this stretching:  boys who handle fish and girls who twirl in tutus.  (okay, truth be told, i have girls who handle fish too)...but seriously?  the gender gap feels gargantuan sometimes.  and the age thing can be a stretch as well.  the discussions in our home right now range from kindergarten to college.  whew!  one moment we are planning prospective college visits with emily and the next moment we are praying about sending bella to kindergarten next year.  and then there's everything in between.  

yes, the gap is great. 

but...it's all good.  it's all grace.  it's definitely God's design.  and i have to remember, if He is allowing this stretching then He's also designed me to stretch.  

so, back to that little ballerina. i snapped these one morning last week while she was just hanging around the house.  everyone else gone to school. i love these quiet moments when the house empties and the tiny girl enters her sweet world of pretend. i hang back.  watch. listen. and sometimes grab the camera.  this was one of those days.

* * *
tyler's minnows.  and the aerator.  in my kitchen.  i oohed.  i awed. 


Paige said...

Girlfriend!!! these pictures are wonderful!!! I am so overwhelmed by this photography class, I think I get it and then can't figure out which direction to go!! And I totally agree with being stretched, married to preschool hmmmmm?

jodymcnatt said...

oh paige...i know YOU get it. but seriously, we have to keep telling ourselves, God has made us for exactly THIS. AND these little ones are keeping us YOUNG. right? tired. but YOUNG! =) oh this photography class...i am learning a lot, but having a really hard time finding time...i tried today and then it all fell apart. it's good for us though. print everything out and we can always go back to it. (thanks for your message today -- you were right on in your intuition. i appreciate those prayers). xoxo

theselbyholmestead said...

hello jody- another paige here (this one from socal), just stopping in to admire your amazing photographic essay of your sweet ballerina. wondering if you might share how you were able to mix the black and white with the hint of color? it is quiet beautiful... with thanks- paige

Aus said...

Morning Jody - your camera work or your writing style - hard to tell which surpasses which today! Brilliant all! Having 6 kids ranging from 5 to 28 - I "get" what you are saying!! But as my oldest would say - "It's all good"!

Yeah - even the minnows! suggestion there - get a piece of screen and put it at the bottom of the bucket with 4 pieces of cord on it - and when it comes time to grab a minnow you pull up on the cords and you don't have to get your hand too wet. Always good to stay dry while ice fishing!

hugs - great stuff - aus and co.

Sophie said...

She's beautiful and I just love her smile.

snekcip said...

I'm another one that GET IT! 5 to 31 and the fun has JUST BEGUN when you add grandkids to the mix!! LOVING AND ADORING YOUR PHOTOS of your precious princess! OMG!! The little feet over the sofa and tutu!! OH.MY.WORD. FRAMEWORTHY!!!!

Maureen said...

Jody, it's Maureen (from photography class), and these pictures are beautiful (it helps that the subject is such a beauty!). In my opinion, it doesn't look like you need much "practice"!

Renee said...

I stumbled on your blog in the middle of a sleepless night & read thru' tons of your old posts. I appreciate your transparency and heart for God. Your cancer battle & moving pains & desire for growth all touched my heart. Love these sweet pics! Blessings!

likeschocolate said...

She is darling! I love how dolly even has a tutu!

Paula said...

Love the tutu - it is simply darling! As is the little person wearing it! Looking forward to the day my little one is ready for dance class. I am certain there will be a lot of oohing and awing! :-)

Mary Sammons said...

What a little doll Miss Bella is!!!! Great job on the tutu's, the tutulicious party and the beautiful chinese new year party too!!! (commenting on everything in one post) I am so glad I had a second to pop in tonight. Always a breath of fresh air and gosh I just love your photography skills! Some day I will get it together and take a class or two!! Until then I will marvel at yours and Di's work :)))

jodymcnatt said...

mary mary -- diana is THE photographer. i am truly just learning the ropes. i am enrolled in lisa's class...and that is super and helpful... BUT with all this partying i'm behind on my assignments. shhh... anyway, i've always loved photography...capturing the moment...setting the scene...it's my own version of "let's pretend." glad you popped in today! xoxo