Tuesday, February 21, 2017

the passenger seat

he sits there each morning like the success of our carpool mission depends entirely on him. with eyes never leaving the road ahead, my co-pilot takes his job seriously. doesn’t matter that i’m the one in the driver's seat, he’s got this, or so he must think.

it’s kind of funny to watch.

it’s also kind of probably how God sees me. with my neck craned forward and my eyes peering out and my feet dug in hard. He sees me with my detailed plans and grandiose ideas as i pretend to know exactly where i’m going and how i am going to get there.

as if i have the answers from passenger seat.
as if i can add even a smidge of control from that place with no wheel, pedal or brake.

like tucker, i some days think it all depends on me. the decisions all rest on my shoulders. the direction of life is mine alone.  

but, also like tucker, the truth is, i’m only along for the ride. i might get excited to climb on in, but God’s the only one who really knows the next turn, bump or roadblock. and no matter how hard i lean in or peer out, i am completely dependent on the one in the driver’s seat.

it’s easy to forget that. for tucker and for me.

see, God might choose to put us alongside Him in the front seat, not because He is giving us control, but because He longs to give us a better glimpse of how He is gloriously leading us through the journey He has already planned.

“the mind of a man plans his way, 
but the Lord establishes his steps.” 

      ~ proverbs 16:9

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