Saturday, October 8, 2016

doing their laundry

i've got a couple of college kids heading home for a long weekend. first time back since they went in august. and you want to know what i'm most excited about? after hugging their necks and hearing every single detail about college life (that they are willing to share) i'm excited to do their laundry.

yes, you read that correctly: i'm eager to serve my kids. 
it doesn't demean me, it doesn't define me, but it delights my soul to take care of them.
i know society sometimes looks at moms who don't have professions outside the home as maybe missing their calling. maybe, to some, it looks like i'm settling for something less or even something a bit lowly. i mean i carried a triple major in college, surely i should be contributing something more in my community.
but i don't think so.

i can't dream of anything i'd rather do more than this. (though i do, on occasion, have the loveliest dreams involving travel journalism).

no, not every day do i feel like clicking my heels over making a chicken casserole or unloading another basket of laundry -- of course not. but as these kids are growing -- and some mostly gone -- i am beginning to realize, even more, what a privilege it is to care for them. they do a lot for themselves -- as they should. that is the goal people. but some of you will agree: as we, stay-at-home or working moms, watch our kids' independence come better in sight, we might better know the gift in just being a mom.

does this make me a super mom? not at all. but as my kids are slow emptying our home, it makes me more than ever want to be a serving mom.

(an important side note to my children: you know better than to abuse the spirit of this post. it's not a license to be lazy, it's simply a little declaration of your mama's love).

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Simply LKJ said...

Well said Jody. Some would question why I spent yesterday making 20+ goodie bags for cheerleaders when I don't have one. Well, mine is the coach and I miss doing that for her and her teammates. I consider a privilege. Enjoy having them home!!