Sunday, July 5, 2015


july 4th ~ freedom

"you, my brothers, were called to be FREE. but do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, SERVE one another in LOVE. the entire LAW is summed up in a single COMMAND: "LOVE your neighbor as yourself." ~ galatians 5:13-14

grateful this morning to live in the land of the free.
grateful this morning to have life in the Lord of the free.

don't you think this verse about freedom is interesting?
in one breath freedom is mentioned. in the next, we see words like "do not" and "serve" and "law" and "command."
but then ... LOVE.
a mixed message? i don't think so.
a meaningful message, however.

freedom isn't free.

freedom doesn't mean -----
we do what we want.
we always get our own way.
we aren't accountable to anyone.
we have no boundaries or burdens.
try that with your children and see what happens.
i've had to explain this to my kids ... i've had to remember this myself:
freedom does have something to do with following the rules, figuring out right and wrong and finding out how to serve and love others before ourselves.

freedom isn't about ourselves ...
freedom is sacrifice.
freedom is selflessness.
sometimes, freedom is surrendering.

i'm writing about what we have in our country and what we have in our Christ.

freedom was never meant to be taken for granted or greedy.
freedom is a gift, it is, ultimately, grace.

and, this july 4th, i'm so thankful it's been given.

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