Saturday, October 25, 2014

the promise concert -- tonight!

we've been in the middle of another october prayer challenge this month -- praying MORE for our kids.  those posts are on my sparrow Facebook page each morning ...

but i'm sharing today's post here ...  praying for the lonely.
AND ... praying for this evening's event --- THE PROMISE CONCERT.

october 25 *the lonely*

this october we've been praying MORE for our kids.
but today i'm going ask us to pray for those kids who aren't in our family.
in fact, we're going to pray for kids who aren't in any family.
the lonely.

the orphans, the abandoned, the neglected, the ignored.

i'm involved with an adoption and foster care ministry called Promise686. and tonight we are hosting a large awareness event/fundraiser. 200 plus people will gather this evening under a {really cool} white tent, up on top of a hill for dinner and music and discussion because they care about the lonely kids in this world. 

it's a wonderful ministry -- one that came alongside us in our adoption of bella -- and it's growing. tonight is a celebration of what God has already accomplished in Promise686 and a challenge in how we can take part in what He's yet to do. 

psalm 68:6 "God sets the lonely in families ..." that's it. that's God's plan -- to bring lonely kids into the arms of mamas and daddies and sisters and brothers. to give them not only a strong roof over their heads, but to give them tender roots in their hearts. to connect them. to embrace them. to become one with them. family --that thing we take for granted until we don't have it ... or until we never knew it. 

oh y'all ... pray for this event. there's a ga-zillion details to pulling off something this large scale. we've been working our tails off for several months now, but we need your prayers for this evening. yes, i'm worried about everyone's dinner being served warm and the sound system working seamlessly, but mostly, mostly, mostly, would you pray that people have hearts to hear and eyes to see what part they can play in reaching out to the lonely. 

adopting? fostering? serving? giving?

we may not all be called to adopt, but we are all called to do something. tonight is about whatever that something is that we can do to help lonely kids. 

dear Jesus, "Father to the fatherless ..." we know your heart for the children of this world and your plan to set the lonely in families. we know you have created each of your children -- orphan or already home -- in your wisdom. your heart breaks for those who hurt. Jesus, open our eyes to the work that you want us to do. break our hearts for what breaks yours. move us to mercy. create in us fresh compassion. encourage us to more action. unhinge us. unglue us. undress us from the things which slow us ... from the distractions which keep us blind and busy. Lord Jesus, would you stir hearts and open eyes even this evening under the big white tent, up on a hill. a-men.

please check out the ministry page on Facebook or on the web.

i promise to post pictures in the next day or two! 
(this picture above is the a little glimpse of our centerpieces). 

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