Tuesday, June 3, 2014

caps and gowns and diplomas, oh my!

last week -- it was like drinking from a garden hose.
three daughters.
three graduations.
and three thousand moments to capture, things to do and events to attend.

all of it. good.
just plain old goodness.
all of it.

within a seven day stretch we joyfully watched bella graduate from kindergarten, sarah graduate from 8th grade, and emily graduate from high school. on the off days -- that is, when we weren't attending a graduation ceremony -- we had a blessing dinner, a baccalaureate, grad parties and even a ballet recital. did i mention both sets of grandparents were in town for the week, as well? (hooray)!

we capped it off with emily's grad party sunday afternoon. (yes, my head was pretty much swimming by the weekend). speaking of swimming, i woke sunday morning to an alert on the phone: FLASH FOOD WARNING. not exactly what the graduate's mother wanted to hear on the day she was planning an outdoor grad party at her home for about 180 people.

needless to say, my slumber ended promptly at 4am with that unkind weather alert.

all weekend it had rained. you've heard the phrase "torrential downpour." yep, that kind of rain. thankfully (and i do mean THANKFULLY) an hour before emily's party the rain came to a halt. though thunderstorms continued to surround our area, we had a slice of clear skies for exactly the three hours of her open house. not a single rain drop. (i will attribute that to a whole lot of desperate prayer).
kind of crazy, huh?

crazy, but good.

all of it. good.

so good ... and so fast ... and so much to take in --- like that water from the garden hose (or the showers from heaven)!

i wanted to linger over every single moment. savor it. taste it. take it all in. 

and, truly, i did my very best. but i'm sure i missed a drop or two of something. because how does one live in these kinds of big moments when they come back to back to back. no room to breath in between ... just throw on another dress and some lipstick, grab the camera and some kleenex and out the door we go! it was a running in high heels kind of week for sure!

and though i might be able to write paragraphs and pages about each experience, i'm going to rely on pictures in this post to share our week. i'm so thankful that we were able to capture some great photos of these great moments and i'll let these images below relay our joy. 
(many, many thanks to my dear diana rouse as she was close by for most of these events and avidly snapping photos).


i love this -- not a great picture, but it captures bella's excitement! she's waving to us - her family!  (oh melt my heart).




emily and her friend, luke, gave the parent tribute at baccalaureate 
proud of these girls and their hard work!

so cool to capture all of us! (thanks diana)!

p.s daughters: your dad and i would appreciate it greatly if, when the day comes, you'd schedule your weddings a little further apart!

p.p.s daughters: we are proud of you and we love you!


Paige said...

congrats to all daughters!! My bet is that you were as tired as I was Monday morning after one wedding haha!

John G. said...

Congratulations to all three of your beautiful girls. I enjoy all the photo's. Thank you for all to great decorating ideas. Us working mom's need all the help we can get. Blessings to all their future endeavors.
Hugs from CT. Caroline