Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"thank you, honey!" {grace words} guest posting today...

have you thanked God today for your marriage?

24 years ago, when i was lovestruck and waltzing through wedding plans, i would have bet you my bottom dollar that i'd have no problem giving thanks every single day for my soon to be husband. of course i would.

and, of course i should.

except, often, days and weeks go by, when i don't.

it's not that i'm not thankful for him. i am! i just forget to give the thanks. in fact, i seem to think even, that somehow, my thankfulness is a given. like because we've been married for over two decades i don't need to point that out to him. like because we've been married so long, he probably already knows how thankful i am. right?


the truth is, after 23 years of marriage, i should know better ...

for the rest of this {grace words} post, please click over to becky's blog at:  "thank you, honey!"

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