Tuesday, July 16, 2013

july 16th: coincidence or Christ?

i was going to let the day pass without pointing out that it's special.

but that's hard.

(okay, it's hard for me).

because special days are special days. and i can't help but think, they are worth mentioning. at least a little. at least to someone.

but, i'm a bit of an over-sharer lately...so i'm trying to be careful. for heaven's sake, i just shared my breakfast choice on facebook this morning. if that's not over-sharing...i don't know what is. don't worry about me though. i have 5 kids to keep me in line and mostly, yes mam, to keep me humble.

(by the way, breakfast: a jimmy dean breakfast sandwich, washed down with a coke). horrible, i know...but super yummy.

anyway, it's july 16th...

and our bella woke this morning in silky blue pjs with bright pink flowers. when she padded down to the porch and curled up on my lap, like she does most mornings, she smelled of sunshine left over from last night's bath.

she ate raisin bran and apple slices for breakfast (much healthier than her mother, miss jimmy dean breakfast sandwich).

she watched cartoons.

she played with her dolls.

i painted her toenails pink.

she had swim lessons with her pal, emme.

and right now, as i type, she's coloring a picture and munching on goldfish crackers. she's wearing a dress covered with butterflies and her nose is sun-kissed.

if you had stopped by our house today, what bella would have probably told you is, "my stwa-berry bush gave me two, whole stwa-berries!"

it's july 16th and life is awfully sweet.

but i am having a hard time just letting this day go by without telling someone why it's especially sweet, why it's really good.

 you see, it's one of the special bella days.

it's one of the days that we celebrate. even kind of quietly.

i whole-heartedly believe God is at work every day. he doesn't take a break on mondays or fridays or holidays. he's always behind the scene orchestrating and ordaining our lives. each and every day.

but on july 16th i have to think God was especially inspired.


on july 16th, 5 years ago, bella was found in a stairwell. it was her finding day. attached to bella was a letter from her biological parents who clearly said they loved her, but couldn't care for her medical needs and were leaving her in the hope that someone "with loving arms" would help her.

on july 16th, 4 years ago, our family wrote a letter to friends asking them to pray for a little girl in china whom we had fallen in love with and had plans to pursue. we, like her biological parents, also humbly asked for help knowing we couldn't do this on our own either.


on july 16th, 3 years ago, rick and i boarded a plane in atlanta and headed for china to meet our new daughter.

we didn't orchestrate any of that. not even the plane ticket -- that was set by china approving us for adoption and the adoption agency determining our flight time and day.  i'll never forget the feeling when i connected all those dots a couple of years ago.  i wrote about it then, but felt today, like i just had to tell y'all again.

because it doesn't just speak to the awesomeness of bella's adoption.  it speaks to the awesomeness of our God. it speaks to his incredibly perfect plan.

why is it sometimes easier to believe in coincidences than it is to believe in Christ?

maybe that's why i'm writing today. you guys know bella's story.  y'all think it's pretty cool. i don't have to convince you of that. but maybe today, you need a reminder of how good God is and how grand are his plans. even when we can't see just how he's working.  he is. oh, he is.  and friend, if you're ever tempted to doubt your creator's concern for the details of your life...

think about bella.  and think about july 16th.

it wasn't a coincidence.

it was Christ.

"and we know that in all things God works for the 
good of those who love him,
 who have been called according to his purpose." 
 ~ romans 8:28


Valerie said...

I have been dialoging with someone very close to me who is doubting God's sovereignty. This post was like a hug for me today.

Paula said...


Maureen said...

Love Bella's story. After just returning home from China last week I have to say I couldn't agree more with everything you have beautifully stated. And I'm not sure I would've been so sure had I read this before our trip. My faith has grown by leaps and bounds. Please keep over-sharing, I enjoy reading your thoughts:)

Rebekah said...

Oh the magnitude of two special stwa-berries to remind us of His plan inspiring us all the way!! If only we will listen and obey!

jodymcnatt said...

yes! that's it. that's exactly it rebekah. thank you for acknowledging that hidden gem right there before our eyes. the littlest of things, the most important. the simplest of things, the most precious. the smallest of things, the most remarkable. God's love is like that.

jodymcnatt said...

thank you for your encouragement maureen. i probably will over-share again. seems that i just can't help myself. =) SO THRILLED FOR YOU just coming home from china. it gets better and better and better and just be warned, you'll fall deeper and deeper and deeper in love. xoxo

jodymcnatt said...

so glad you got that hug -- all the way from minnesota to georgia. much love, friend.

Aus said...

It IS the simple things - and we too share a "number" in our case the 26th of the month - all three of our adopted kids were handed to us (gotcha day) on the 26th of the month. There is a plan - and we are Blessed when we get some little "reminder" that He handles the stuff!

hugs - aus and co.