Tuesday, September 18, 2012

pink sunshine

in pink shoes and a matching bow, bella started back to school last week.  four year old preschool -- is there anything better? my older kids are insanely jealous hearing her evening reports on all things preschool.  these older kids who are sweating over AP english and algebra. i can see the longing in their eyes -- oh, to be little again.  i shared these pictures on facebook, but had to add a quick photo post here for those of you who haven't fallen prey to the social media craze. 

many of you have followed bella's story from our first report of her back in china -- a tiny baby left in a dirty stairwell.  a sick little girl living in an orphanage of 3000.  a child pursued by a family of six half a world away. 

and now... a wanted child, home, healthy, happy -- curls and a pink bow in her hair, a smile on her face and joy in her small steps.  heading off to a day of finger painting, playground time and learning about Jesus.  

part of me wants you to look at these pictures and see just another cute little kid.  and part of me wants to remind us all of just how big and good and gracious our God is.  

i'm simply sharing these photos today, to bring a smile to your face. a little bit of pink sunshine from a little girl who adores pink and who is sunshine.  that's it. no big writing in this post.  just a little bit of love.

sometimes, more than ever, a picture (or two or ten) is worth a thousand words...

 the photographer's favorite!

clearly too much "older sister" influence in this pose...she has not, 
and i repeat, has not, learned this from her mother...

so proud.

 love this look.

 "okay, mom, that's enough pictures already!"


Simply LKJ said...

She is just precious! Cannot believe how much she has grown up.

Aus said...

Good morning Jody - makes me happy to see this - and wow - what a kid!

Thanks for sharing the joy -

hugs - aus and co.

Monique Condon said...

Most adorable! What a beauty of a blessing! Thanks for sending some pink sunshine my way - needed it today!!!

Sheri said...

These pics are wonderful! Okay, I need a new camera. What kind of camera do you use and does it take videos?

Sheri in Galveston

Rebekah said...

LOVE. How incredibly important it is!! Your family invested so much love into your gift from God and your blessings were returned a hundredfold!! Faith, hope and love .... and the greatest of these is LOVE. Thank you for reminding us of that wonderful scripture!!

Sammy said...

She is adorable for sure!