Thursday, July 5, 2012

these three

the 4th of july ... and i really wish y'all could have seen these three last night  -- three 4 year olds wildly enjoying the red, white and blue. 

pony rides and jumpy things and silly dancing --- and of course the fireworks! 

bella jumped up and down at every colorful explosion in the sky, "ooh, i love that one...i love that color... my favorite color is purple (or red or green or orange or pink)."  

at one point, maggie leaned back into meritt and said, "i've never seen this before, mama." 

and she hasn't

this was her first july 4th home. same with her sister, mary henley. bella was the veteran last night, this being her second.

before leaving for the club yesterday, i explained to bella what we were celebrating. when i told her it was a big birthday party for our country, she enthusiastically exclaimed, (you know she did) "oh, i loooooove birthday parties, mom!" i think she kind of got it. 

boy, do these girls love a birthday party. heck, they love any party. 

and for them last night was no different, but for me it was.  

for me to see them together at the birthday celebration of our country was incredibly special. the freedom we celebrate in our beloved USA is the same freedom which brought these precious little girls home. and it is the same freedom which has allowed them to be accepted into this great country. it will be the same freedom which will make sure they have opportunities and dreams and a chance ...

and most importantly, it is the same freedom which will provide the link to learn about Jesus and the perfect freedom which is found in knowing Him.

 "for freedom Christ has set us free..." ~ galatians 5:1

these are girls, who, not too many months ago, were orphans in a place with few freedoms; girls, who were each abandoned because they were born in a country which sends the message that special needs children and females aren't valued; these girls. 

but last night these girls -- these beautiful girls -- danced on green grass, ate cotton candy and oohed and aahed over the brilliant display above them.  these three girls celebrated the birthday of a wonderful country which allows them to be accepted, valued, loved and, most of all, free. there are no sparklers or sky rockets bright and big enough to compare to the brilliance of that birthday gift. 

God bless america.


Caitlyn said...

Loving the first pic where you can see all 3 of their sweet little scars. Perfectly imperfect!

jodymcnatt said...

oh caitlyn, i hadn't noticed that -- YES! perfectly imperfect -- like we are.

Aus said...

God Bless America - and welcome home! You guys bring me great joy -!

hugs - aus and co.