Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the fragrance of His love

the gardenia bush in our backyard is blooming wildly this week. so many delicate white blossoms nestled in the waxy green leaves.  after dinner last night,  i cut a bunch and brought them into the house.  it was like an immediate pick me up had arrived in my kitchen -- perfect on what could be a gloomy night before surgery.  the fragrance was so wonderful i had to share. and after digging out a bunch of old jelly jars from the basement,  i put one bloom in each and set them on everyone's nightstand --  close to their pillows.  it didn't take long for the kids to come asking, "mom, why did you leave a flower in my room?"  "it's a gardenia," i explained.  "okay, mom, why did you leave me a gardenia?"

i wanted their sleep to be sweet.  that was it.  sweet and peaceful.  that's hard when your mom is having surgery the next morning.  i filled up an old pickle jar and placed a small bouquet near my bed as well.  last night i fell to sleep smelling gardenias.   we all have the need for a little bit of lovely, especially in a time when we feel anything but.  many of you prayed for my sleep last night...and, i want you to know, it was a perfect night's sleep.

i'm home tonight.  resting here in my own bed, the fragrance from my gardenias still strong and beautiful.  i am sore and sleepy from this morning's procedure, but just so thankful it is over.  dr. barber was encouraged by what he saw when he removed the mass.  he feels more confident that the biopsy results will come back stamped FINE -- troublesome scar tissue, nothing more.  that certainly is our prayer tonight.  we are hopeful.  we should receive those results by friday or monday.   this morning, after the surgery, dr. barber approached  rick in the waiting room and before any word of report came out of his mouth he gave rick a thumbs up.  that thumbs up for my husband was like the gardenia fragrance for me --  just what was needed.  the relief of sweet fragrance.

and friends, i have also felt the sweet scent of your prayers in the past day.  amazing.  beautiful.  strong.  i don't know if you've ever had an occasion to be prayed for in the way which i have...but there's nothing like it.  as the nurses prepped me this morning for surgery, i was completely calm.  completely peaceful.  the words and promises of Jesus running through my head the entire time.  i know that was gentle wash of your prayers rising up to our listening God.  it is a humbling thing to know it.  it is a beautiful thing to feel it.

and tonight, between surgery and results, i am reminded again of the sweet fragrance of my Father's love.


Judyp said...

Prayers will continue through this night and through the days of waiting. I, too, have been blessed to physically feel the prayers of others lifting me up in a time of struggle. One of the gifts of Christian Fellowship - lifting one another and being lifted.

Aus said...

Morning Jody - prayers will continue - but I'm feeling a little sense of relief - and Rick - HOORAH -

hugs - aus and co.

Simply LKJ said...

Continuing to to pray for you and the family Jody.

Monique C. said...

So glad to see your post today! So happy you felt peace. Will continue lifting you and your family in prayer.

Billie Holmes said...

Billie H September 3, 2012 1:40AM Hi I am a friend of Heather Campbell, we attend curch together. I have been blessed reading of your journeys, thankful that the surgery was just "troublesome scar tissue", and you can put that behind you and move further down the path. YOu are a gifted writer, and apparently a wonderful wife, mother, and friend. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to supply all your needs, and you KNOW HE is there, in every thing, beside you, your husband, and your children & He is ABLE to do all things.Pray well, eat well, play well, work well- with purpose and meaning, then leave the rest to enjoy the blessings He has given you! He is your peace. In His love, Billie Holmes