Tuesday, August 16, 2011

what if - a note for those who have encouraged...

"write a book," you've said.  "get published," you've urged.  "you can do it!" you've cheered.
"not now," i've replied.  too busy.too hard.too fearful.too much.
but in the back of my head...in the corners of my heart...i have wondered too.  what if. 
what if i just begin to send things off and see what happens.  
folding t-shirts and braiding hair and sweeping dirt...i've wondered.
what if.
it won't hurt to try - or so they say. but i know trying is not without some pain.
i don't have to tell a soul.  but i will.  because i am like that and can't help myself.
but still...maybe
just maybe someone will read something i write.
i never intended it so.  not at first.
i've written almost since i could walk.  always for myself.  
but lately God has given me stories to tell.  
a journey.  a road.  a mountain. some hardship. much joy.
"share."  He says.  and i do.  
always wondering if it is too much.  i cross lines and ignore boundaries and step hard on toes.  
but maybe.
just maybe.
and so i thought of this wonderful website i have been linked with for about a year now.  (in)courage.me  a division of hallmark-dayspring.  it is a website for women; our issues, our triumphs, our tests.  it features several leading writers and speakers regularly. women i admire.  women i read.   there seems always to be something good - some kind of treasure or tidbit.  

a few weeks ago, i looked up their submission policy, and before i could think twice, i submitted something small.  
how surprised i was to open my email a week later and see their response. "we'd like to use your piece on our site." a guest writer well, okay then.  that's good.  i guess this is my first "yes."  i am not sure about future yesses...but i will celebrate this one.  because life is like that...one yes at a time.  one no at a time.  one moment at a time.
tomorrow it will be published.   i will post a link  to the site.  it is small.  tiny.  just a scared toe testing murky waters.  
but maybe...


Aus said...

Congrats Jody - way to go - keep pushing!!

hugs - aus and co.

carolyn bradford said...

I'm so excited for you! And I'm equally excited for myself in that I get to read it! You should most definitely write!!! You have a true, God given talent and you speak straight from your heart!