Wednesday, September 15, 2010

bella grace

bubbles in the driveway
swinging in my pink swing
dressing up in tutus
getting into everything.

crayons spilled on the carpet
twirling in my new dress
bath time in a big tub
goodnight book and mom's caress.

toys across the whole house
running down a grassy hill
dinner with my family
jumping, splashing and a spill.

goldfish crackers carseat
dancing round the kitchen floor
building blocks and brothers
now whose coming through my door?

cheerios and sippy cups
climbing on my daddy's lap
dog and cats a chasing
things to open and unwrap.

kisses for most everyone
picking flowers from a pot
hands to hold on tightly
laughing, giggling quite a lot.

sidewalk chalk and puddles
strolling slowly down the street
dreaming in my comfy bed
after dinner ice cream treat.

books across my bedroom floor
rocking babies just for me
toenail painting by my sis
watching brothers climb a tree.

puzzle pieces in my purse
riding on my little trike
greeting people at the store
through the woods a mini hike.

words to learn along the way
watching, looking... much to see
yard exploring with my mom
bandaids, boo-boos on my knee.

new things to discover
treasures to uncover
eyes wide open wonder
looking in and under
soaking up my brand new ways
figuring out life's brand new maze
i am home and in my place
i belong.  sweet bella grace.

1 comment:

Aus said...

Nice work - and so happy that she has a place to belong!

hugs - aus and co.